‘Indulgence’ IS the healthy art of sinning!

In Travels on June 11, 2010 by Ticket, please?

After the ethnic exuberance of the city of Ahmedabad, it was time for an authentic rendezvous at the other end of the spectrum. As I stepped into this little heaven called Indulgence, I did exactly what was expected of me. Indulged.

It would be highly inappropriate to contain my excitement at this point. What happens when you step into a shop with a white pebbled floor? I decided to let go of all inhibitions and jumped a few times amidst the pebbles for that candid childlike experience. For Rina, of course this was just another day and a regular phenomenon. She greets me with a warm smile nevertheless.

Indulgence, the shop is a must do in Ahmedabad! For more pics, see

Rina Kakkar not only makes handcrafted chocolates, breads and desserts, but is known for crafting a beautiful little world of sin called Indulgence. Amazingly, she cannot be accused of spreading a whole lot of immorality around.

Sinful chocolates that most of you would lunge at, handcrafted to suit many a palette is a specialty here. Mirchi chocolate anyone? Or Paan chocolate? This place is surely here to give you the extraordinary. I leap towards the breads, the cookies and am already in the mood of biting into a crunchy cold salad.

And if you thought you’re just going to be able to take away that parcel, you will definitely rethink of leaving this cozy place. It offers a limited but an ideal ambience for some gup-shup with an old friend. Need I say, a hot favourite with kids and a delightful option to have even when you want a getaway from homemade food. There are some palatable yet low-cal meals on the table and a pretty uncommon hand ready to cook up just about anything to suit your occasion and mood. But do give her some time. Highly recommended is the continental variety and those with a sweet tooth, can stop worrying about those calories and happily indulge.

Time for some Tabouleh salad (our very own Indian daliya…hehe) and planning the dinner with my aunt Rina. No favouritism here, but I think I will be seeing you soon on the Indulgence fan page at!/pages/Indulgence/323211754212?ref=ts. Till then, take my word. Go ahead and indulge in a healthy and gratifying experience. Oh, and no need to thank me. It’s a pleasure.


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