America – as it Falls!

In Travels on December 19, 2010 by Ticket, please?

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time the writer is speechless. It isn’t just fashionable to have visited and tweeted about the Fall in America, it is a divine pleasure to be consumed by a season. You may be hearing this for the umpteenth time, and uptil now Fall for me and to most of us commonly meant a change of wardrobe. Actually being amidst the bare withered trees with a few hanging red leaves was nature’s way of saying, “Here is a season that’s a perfect symphony of permanence and change. ” As I held my breath to soak in the crisp air and the magnificent auburns that surrounded me, I realized I had rediscovered my sense of surprise and wonder lost somewhere in the back alleys of the routine.

The madness of planning itineraries, getting the best deals and all that comes to a screeching halt at the mere sight of a plush red tree. Or for the colour savvy, ochre or burnt sienna for that matter. Wide-eyed, lips almost forever apart, long drags of fresh air, calm and awe tingling your senses at the same time, this is where your clock stops ticking and you wonder if this is part of the same world you live in.

At the risk of an endless monologue, let’s just see America, as it Falls!


2 Responses to “America – as it Falls!”

  1. Fantabulous work my god you are a great photographer. Good going….A big fan.

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