Much ado about Kutchh…

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Arid barrenness for a view and hot gushes of sandy winds blowing into your face is a great way to welcome yourself into Kutchh. Possibly,  because there ain’t another especially during the onset of summer. Throw in some charismatic village folk who will pose for a price (ah! tourism), warm smiles to compliment the weather, a geographical marvel with its mysterious mirages,  a taste of hot mawa (sweetened burnt milk) with kadak chai (strong tea), exciting stays in eco-mudhuts called Bhungas or tents, must-have Gujarati handicrafts to embellish your homes – all this sprinkled with a good dose of Gujarati tradition.  This hot sojourn was absolutely worth the sweat. Consider me doing a recce for you, because summers really isn’t the time to be here. But do book your bhunga or mudhut in advance for an unusually rustic experience in winters. This photoessay will live up to all of that. And don’t refuse that loving cup of tea; actually you won’t be able to.

Warm, vibrant, smiling welcomes in Kutchh


Kutchh lives by its traditions

‘A pocketfull of poses’ – Tourism has been a learning experience for Kutchh.
They know they’ll adorn your walls and make for a good story, so why not get a
little compensation! Keep some notes handy.

Do take a ride in the local bullet-buggy or ‘chakkda’. Make sure to wear your

Stop over in a small village called Birendiyara enroute to Kutchh famous for its
‘kadak chai’ and hot ‘mawa’

Meet the craftsmen/women; you can actually get a customised Kutchhi(Gujarati)
handwork bedcover or embellishments as souveniers.

Everything organic – the living, the eating, the experience! This is your chance to go
deep rustic.

Go grab your luxury ‘bhunga’ or mudhut now! Eco-friendly, comfortable, cool,
makeyourself at home in Kutchh. Shown here is the Bhunga stay at the Hodko
village in Kutchh.



Or choose a traditional tent if you so please. The recommended place to stay is the luxurious Shaam-e-sarad Resort in Hodko village.

This geographical marvel has attracted tourists from far and wide. Go explore the beauty of this barrenness and let the mirages guide you.
Carry home an exqusitely handmade shawl or bedspread with Kutchhi embroidery from Shyamjibhai’s loom in Bhujodi. Tell me if all you didn’t want was everything here!
Try a hand at dyeing at the weaver’s loom in Bhujodi or anywhere else in Kutchh. The weavers are extremely friendly and you will be glad to get your hands dirty.
If this hot sojourn gets you panting and parched, just stop by at the Rudramata Dam to wet your senses.
Surely difficult to leave a place that casts such a shadow! But then a Kutchhi goodbye says “aavjo” meaning do come back again.

6 Responses to “Much ado about Kutchh…”

  1. luvly pictures and travelogue. why no updates for last couple of months?

    • Because I’m also concentrating a little more on photography and try and update my other blogs too once in a while. Am a slow writer…mostly comes when im excited to tell a story. I have to be up to speed, since there are quite a few stories pending in that heavy hard disk of mine. Nevertheless, am glad you are following and are keen on wanting more.

  2. Wow, this is awesome stuff. Thanks for the link.

    • Thanks Ajay…im visiting my own blog after ages! Hence couldn’t reply to your comment. Doesn’t say well about me as a writer now, does it! Just been busy contributing some stories and ideas here and there… and haven’t updated this one at all…

  3. Wow, love the post… there is so much in kutchh…. shd visit!

    btw, i would like to mail you reg a travel writing project, could you send me a mail to aaroo4 at gmail dot com pls… Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you Aarti. Kutchh, as you can see, just lends itself to a beautiful story. And this was when i was there just for a day or so. Need to know a lot more. Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂

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