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Hello, all you interested people!

In Namaste! on May 4, 2010 by Ticket, please?

Almost a decade into (m)advertising brings you to a point when you want to jump off the madwagon, break the mould and bake your own bread. As a creative writer, I am now tired of selling ornate truths because I seek fulfillment. “Move on” would be an appropriate idiom for the moment. There is this urge to play once again. To have itchy feet desperate to trespass, to shake hands with different languages and be consumed by an experience called The World. Beginning with India.

Travel …how…when…where…and most importantly why?

I believe most travels begin in the head, even before you run to Google. So how come we have soft spots for places that we haven’t even set foot on? What is so alluring about the never-been-before destination? To participate in another culture, to go beyond yourself?

For me, it is to never return as the same person again. Always more enriched, more open, with a bundle of experiences on my back and definitely with an ever-growing abundant family. Also, getting to do what you’ve been trying to figure out all these years. Sounds irresistible, doesn’t it?

Hi! This is Shuchi from India, for the world. From a random itch, travel has become the purpose of my life. To throw myself into the unknown, to unlearn all that I’ve known and start all over again, every time. This suspended feeling of being all over the place is good enough for me for now. I wouldn’t call myself a traveller yet; I’ve just stepped out of the armchair, I’m diligently following maps and itineraries and I can only feel my jaw dropping at the feats of an Andrew Evans or a Bill Bryson. Chaplin follows me all around, reminding me, “That’s what all we are. Amateurs. We don’t live long enough to be anything else.” And this is what keeps me grounded, yet above myself.

Ticket, please? is my account of personal explorations, learning experiences and story-telling. They say, its a great world out there. Shall we head to wherever-land then?